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Writing Contest | The Winners | 1/2


We‘re not sure if any of you will be Nobel Prize winners next year or whether Shakespeare is turning in his grave but what we do know is that all the stories we received at the What’s Up! Magazine HQ were outstanding. Thank you very much for participating – we can’t wait to receive more from you in future issues. Stay tuned for more contests and raffles!

Without further ado, congratulations to Victor Manuel Jimenez (Level 3, Valencia) & Ricardo Arce (Level 6, Bilbao). 

Check out their stories. Read and enjoy!

LEVEL 3: Orko

Writing ContestI remember the day you arrived into my life. I remember when your sad eyes cried “help me”. We met three years ago. We love and respect each other. At home, our own four walls, we are very happy, even when life is difficult. Do you know why you are the love of 

my life? Yes, you do! Your heart and your mind are connected with mine. I don’t need you to talk to me, I look into your eyes and I know when you need something. You make me very happy. I have never been in love, but today I can say: I love you. Orko, I love 

you more than my life. I hate when people say “Do you have a dog?” or “Is it a dog?” or “Your dog is very beautiful”. You are Orko. Your name is Orko, only Orko and you are my true love.

Víctor Manuel Jiménez

(What’s Up Valencia, Level 3)

‘Cause we know you’re crazy for dogs we hope you enjoy this book to practice with yours!  Cabra española

                                                                                                                                                       Writing Contest

LEVEL 6: Queen of love

Writing Contest

Love isn´t a road of roses, but if we join our hearts, life could be sweeter. Maybe you love me, maybe not, if you aren´t with me, there is a storm in my heart. Our love is harder than a rock, our love is much more than passion. You have stolen my heart, and I´m dying of love. You are the

queen of desire, you are the queen of passion, you are love’s poison. Your kisses burn my soul, your kisses are poison and passion, I’d like to die of your love, I’d like to die of love and passion, I’ll live when I have your love

Ricardo Arce Guiterrez

(What’s Up Bilbao, Level 6)

A little birdie told us you’re an avid photographer so here’s a book to boost your skills next time you’re on holiday! 

                                                                                                                                                    Writing Contest

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