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Writing Contest 2017 | 2n edition | The winners – part 2

Y aquí tenemos a los otros dos de los cuatro relatos ganadores del Writing Contest 2017, en el que han participado más de 50 students de las 12 academias What’s up!

Tenemos unos students muy creativos así que… Read and Enjoy whatsuppers! 

Writing Contest 2017

Writing Contest 2017 Matter of trust 

Sam is challenging me to a car race or accusing me of a terrible crime or I secretly hate Jeremy or I’m a doctor worried about a new terrible epidemic or suddenly I put on weight and I start singing like Adele or Luke is a hitman in black or Patricia is giving me instructions to get to the cathedral from my hotel or I’m gossiping about Jennifer who keeps gambling at the casino or shares an apartment with two other chavs or Mariola falls in love with a South American guy who she just met in a traffic jam or my classmates and I are robbing a bank quickly because the English class is ending.

Only 60 minutes. “Hi, guys, what about your weekend?” and the moment the magical door opens, anything can happen. Afternoon in the sun by the Caribbean Sea or rain falling over London.

Sebastián Martínez 

(What’s Up Sevilla, Level 10)

Writing Contest 2017

Writing Contest 2017 Mar Galisteo: Crema anticelulitica y crema para piernas cansadas. - Blog de Belleza Cosmetica que Si Funciona

  Writing Contest 2017                                                                                                                     

Writing Contest 2017 Your Memories  

Nothing hurts me more than not being able to touch you, smell you, hear you, kiss you, feel you, speak to you… I just remember you. I close my eyes because only then can I see how you stare at me, how your hand reaches out to me and you try to touch me. I can almost feel how you caress my face and touch my hair. I close my eyes harder and I can hear your voice, even smell you, but I open my eyes and… I open my eyes and see my sad reality.

You’re not here. You won’t be here anymore. You are gone forever and my soul has gone with you. Tears flood my eyes and all my I LOVE YOUs sink in my throat. Nothing hurts more than not having you… I can only remember you. But your memories are my happiness.

Susana Morales  

(What’s up! Madrid Orense, Level 6)

Writing Contest 2017

      Writing Contest 2017                                                                 

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