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Meet our lovely What’s up! Berlin team


Hoy en el blog te presentamos a nuestro lovely team de What’s up! Berlin.


When I’m not teaching and supporting students, I like to pursue some of my artistic passions – such as photography, painting, illustration or even going to exciting new places, socialising and having fun!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hey there everyone! I am a sushi lover as well as gym nerd, but you will always see me eating chocolate croissants at the center. I have studied and travelled to the States. California is my favourite place in the world! I love teaching and I will wait for you with my arms open. So be happy, don’t stress and come to visit us soon!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


I‘m a nomad who has finally settled down in the most incredible city in the world. As a coach, I love being a member of this awesome team in What´s Up! Berlin where you will always find me ready to lend you a helping hand. Field hockey, travelling and meeting new people are my passions! I can´t wait to welcome you here!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hey! I’m a very hungry human being. Hungry for experiences, for travelling, for sushi and specially hungry for a challenge! I experience philosophy through osmosis and I also occasionally defy gravity! Want to know what that means? Well come and pay me a visit at What’s Up Berlin any day of the week!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hey guys! I am from Scotland, I love music and I play the guitar, bass and drums. I also love cooking, going to Barça games and enjoying this magnificent city!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hi everyone!  I’ve been travelling around the world but I’m back at What’s Up! Berlin now. I have so many anecdotes and stories to tell all of you… I’m really looking forward to meeting you here!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team

CONSTANZA: (morning receptionist):

I joined the What’s Up! team this summer and it is an amazing new experience. My work as a receptionist has been a truly positive one, wonderful! I am proud to be a part of such a friendly, dedicated staff. I look forward to meeting you!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team

RENATA: (afternoon receptionist):

The moment I entered What’s Up I enjoyed every second because I can chat with different people every day and learn a lot while overhearing the classes from my desk. I am also a Portuguese Anthropologist and I enjoy meeting and talking to new people, making them laugh and feel positive! I lived in Lisbon, Milan and recently I moved to Barcelona for the second time! Come and I will be happy to greet every afternoon at What’s Up Berlin!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


I like communication; that´s the reason I´m here! I firmly believe that every day I try to help people get over their English limitations so that will help them communicate with people, reach their goals and visit new places around the world. Besides, I am passionate about music, writing and travelling wherever and whenever I can ¡! So come and meet me at What’s Up Berlin, this Caribbean dude will be waiting with a smile, some dance moves and always a good soundtrack!

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hey beautiful people, it’s Mari from What’s Up! Berlin. I am here to make sure that everything goes exactly as you expect at our English academy. I’ve been around several years so I will always make sure that you have exactly what you need to improve your English skills. I’m from Barcelona, but I support Real Madrid 🙂 I actually used to play basketball for some years and I absolutely love Foo Fighters.

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


Hello all! My calling has been always to communicate with people. Empathising with my students is what gives me joy because I love talking about what they can do to improve their lifestyle. Besides working at What’s Up! Berlin, I love celebrating life by travelling the world. I could probably give you tips about several destinations: mostly outdoor activities or anything related to keeping fit. Come meet me at What’s Up! Berlin. You will always find a sweet warm smile with a great southern USA accent 😉

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team

Si aún no te has apuntado a la English Revolution en Barcelona ¿A qué esperas?

Meet our lovely What's Up! Berlin team


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