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Interview with Sara Táboas | Learning about gemology and energy therapy


Tell us a bit about yourself

Hi, my name is Sara and I worked at What’s Up! for 3 years. I was the first receptionist in Rambla Catalunya and then I moved on to work in the marketing department. After leaving the company a few months ago, I decided to commit myself to a path of self discovery where I went on to learn from and work with energy therapy, Reiki and crystal healing. I’m also developing my career as a designer, mostly working with jewelry. In the future, I plan to go backpacking around Mexico and Central America to carry on learning and travelling.

When did you first discover the properties and usability of crystals?

Interview with Sara Táboas

Well, I have known about crystals’ properties since long ago given my sister has always been interested in this topic. She gave me an amethyst to carry with me in order to benefit from its influx and protect me. More or less I knew about the existence of this world, but I had never paid much attention to it until I started attending Reiki sessions. My therapist also used to also work with crystals therefore it was an element which was very useful and it somehow awakened my interest immediately.


How did you start to work with crystals?

Thanks to the major positive results I had received in Reiki therapy, I decided to initiate myself in healing techniques by taking up various courses and workshops. At the same time, I started reading more about crystal and gems’ properties and was fascinated by it. This led me to enroll in a crystal therapy course to strengthen my knowledge and provide me with a new tool to combine with the Reiki sessions I was taking part in.

How do crystals work?

Crystals, like everything else in the universe, have their own vibration and each of them emit certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy. They can also receive, transmit and absorb other vibrations. When the energy from these crystals interacts with us, they start balancing or absorbing vibrations our body has and restore it to its natural state.

How do you think they can help us? 

In many ways, each crystal has its very own vibration which is useful to treat a broad spectrum of different pains, illnesses or problems, be it a physical, emotional or mental. Hematite can be used as an anticoagulant to make bruises disappear, fluorite to clear and calm your mind, citrine quartz is used to boost your mood or ease stomach aches. It’s a matter of preventing instead of healing, where possible. Muestras gratis colonia

What I find very interesting is the fact that Mother Earth provides us with harmless, natural remedies (or little wonders as I call them) from which we can benefit so much and all at a very low cost. Another important benefit is that the pharmacological industry trades with our health to, in turn, make tremendous profits. Anything else? Yes…they’re beautiful to look at… What else can you ask for?!

You say that these “little wonders” can help cure physical and mental issues and provide us with a view of what we are. Do you think English language can help us to promote our personal growth?

Absolutely. English language can certainly promote personal growth. Apart from being great to improve the plasticity of the brain – and not to mention memory and learning skills- speaking English opens the door to many experiences that, otherwise, would be more difficult to experiment.

Bearing in mind it’s the lingua franca used nowadays and the internet language, this means you can speak and communicate with people from many different cultures and backgrounds, look for jobs, projects and opportunities in thousands of places. Overall it provides you with more confidence to move around the world. Travelling and cultural exchange are an endless sources for personal growth and speaking English gives you access to deeper experiences.  


Don’t you find a lot of skepticism when you talk about crystals and Reiki healing?

Interview with Sara Táboas

Certainly I do; however, what I always say is that I’m not here to convince anyone. Each person is different and has the free will to believe it or not. My mission is not to change anyone’s mind but to be useful to people who want help or information. These tools should be suitable for them and give ways to be more self-sufficient, responsible and conscious about one’s health. I’m just talking from my own experience because crystals and energy therapies have helped me, and I think help, very much.


Thank you very much Sara!

The What’s Up! Team. 


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