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Interview with Flor… | Learning English at What’s up! Valencia


Hello Flor! Tell us about yourself.

Hi, well… I was born in a small town in Andalusia, but I have lived in Valencia since 1991, so I consider Valencia as my home. I’m married and I work as a Social Educator in a center dedicated to the rehabilitation of people with mental illnesses. I love my job, because every day is different for me.

In my free time I like learning English, hiking, working out at the gym, listening to music (in English of course…), reading, going out with my friends or family, surfing the Internet and travelling around the world, but my two passions are nature and science.

Why are you studying English?

Interview with Flor...

I don’t really use English in my job, but I like watching subtitled films and reading articles and books from English and American people who I admire.I also love travelling, so I need English because I don’t want to look like a fool abroad, ha ha ha… Also, I love the American culture and their people.

Why did you choose What’s Up?

After many years of trying to improve my English with no results, I finally decided to learn English seriously. So I started searching for a good academy that could offer what I wanted.

I found out about What’s Up! online and I thought you were what I was looking for. I think I made the right choice.  

What are your thoughts about the classes we offer?

I love your classes and the system. Face to Face and Have Fun are both very entertaining, but I prefer Have fun for obvious reasons. It offers many different activities like “Mad about music”, “Games” or “Quiz Show” that I enjoy so much!

The best thing about this method is that I’m free to choose the day and the time I want to come and I can study at home online whenever I want.

What can you say about our teachers?

They are very funny and they lead the classes professionally. I get on with Muireann, Angela (my personal coach) and Mir because they are my teachers, but all the staff is great and lovely. They are always there to help me no matter the problem.

Can you tell us about your journey with us?

The truth is I’m very happy to learn and study with you. I have been with you for four months and I have noticed much progress. Your philosophy is nice and modern! I have so much fun with the activities and the best thing is that I forget about my problems while I’m there, even if I have had a hard working day and I’m tired.

What are your English related achievements or goals ?

One of my goal is to speak English as fluently as I can, of course. On the other hand, my partner and I are planning one of the trips of our lives: to travel around the west coast of the US by car.

Next summer we’ll go there and visit Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Yosemite. This trip motivates me to improve my English. It will be a dream come true!

Thank you Flor! 

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