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Interview with… Danielle | Music culture


Hello Danielle, tell us a little about yourself. 

Let’s see. I was born in Manchester many years ago. I have very Celtic roots on both sides of the family which is why a lot of people in Spain mistake me for being Scottish or Irish. I decided to become an English teacher in 2004 when I fell in love with Cadiz during my Erasmus study period. I have mostly lived in Spain since then apart from the year I travelled around Latin America and another year I lived next to Mount Etna in Sicily. I have a small obsession with volcanoes and although my name is Danielle most of my friends call me Ginger. I am very proud of being a redhead and I have been known to «high five» other ginger people I see in the street (especially in Spain where we are rarely seen!).

Interview with... Danielle

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