Interview with Corina Cortes… | I’m afraid of English! How to be fearless when learning a new language | What's Up!

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Interview with Corina Cortes… | I’m afraid of English! How to be fearless when learning a new language

Hello Corina, tell us a little about yourself 

I’m an English Coach at What’s Up! Terrassa since 2016 and I am really happy with the method and dynamics we manage.

When I came to Barcelona I studied a Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Management. While studying I really got the chance to improve communication skills and team-building techniques which have been really insightful for my current professional career.

What aspect related to fear is most common while students learn English? 

They are really scared when it comes down to interacting with other classmates. Sometimes they feel they are in their early school years and are afraid, ashamed or they don’t want to make a fool out of themselves. It seems like they don’t understand or realize classmates are there to learn as well and maybe share their embarrassment. When a student comes to a Have Fun class, we are here to actually that: to have a good time, play, learn and express ourselves freely. Many students start saying “I will never wear a hat while singing in a Mad About Music” but end up wearing a whole costume and creating a choreography.

Another point I’ve noticed is that they think vocabulary is too vast and they won’t have the chance to learn it. They believe they need to memorize all the words and we need to remind them that it requires time and patience. We really try to encourage them and want them to see themselves excel too if we say they are doing really good it’s because they are!

Is English as hard as it really seems?

The answer is no. We think English is difficult because we have built a really strong bond if we look closely it’s easier than Spanish, especially when it comes down to verbs and tenses. We created language. Languages live inside us because our brain is designed to communicate. If we relax and let ourselves go this will come naturally. We don’t think in words, we project images and sensations. Lirio amarillo

Interview with Corina Cortes…

How can a student identify and distinguish between fear and resistance? 

Here’s when a Coach saves the day. You must observe where the student’s emotions and thoughts are and help identify if it’s belief or real fear. Most of our fears come from ideas or hypothetical ideas that are not even there. We draw a map and fill it with images, feelings and situations. What’s important is to understand that all of these things come from our mind and not from real circumstances.

What skills could you suggest to overcome this barrier in F2F classes? 

Regardless of whatever fear and /or limitations you might home, discipline and will power are essential a must.

Another suggestion is that wherever they have a thought or idea that limits their learning process, grasp this topic from understanding a song, writing a postcard or even travelling and knowing no one can trick you.

The brain has plasticity; a mature brain is more susceptible to learn; if not why do people still start studying at the later stages in their lives?

Languages are a learning process just like any other so if we see it this way we can make our own list of musts:

1. Practice

2. Look for real practical examples

3. Invest time on it. You know.. 3h isn’t enough!

4. Use all your senses, so you can integrate knowledge completely

5. Believe it’s never too late to learn (except German). Life is too short to learn German!

Si quieres perder el miedo al inglés de una vez por todas… ¡Apúntate a la English Revolution en Terrassa!

Interview with Corina Cortes…


Interview with Corina Cortes… | I’m afraid of English! How to be fearless when learning a new language | What's Up!

Interview with Corina Cortes… | I’m afraid of English! How to be fearless when learning a new languageHello Corina, tell us a little about yourself 





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