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Hidden gems in London


¿Preparad@ para una guía anti guiri de la London City? Nuestra recepcionist de What’s up! Rambla Catalunya, Diana; nos conduce a un viaje por alguno de los rincones más divertidos de la ciudad. 

There are places in London that tourists don’t know. That’s why after living in London for almost four years I can share with you some of the gems that London has: beautiful spots, great views and amazing pubs.

                       Hidden gems in London


Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally)

  • Located in the north of London. This is an amazing park between Muswell Hill and Wood Green with an incredible view of London.  Ally Pally is the building where the ice rink is and where many concerts take place.

           Hidden gems in London

Hampstead Health

  • Between Hampstead and Highgate. This is a huge park; very wild and rocky. Inside there’s a pond and it’s also a fantastic place for kids and has plenty sport courts. This is a must for animal lovers. 

          Hidden gems in London


Primrose Hill

  • You can find it on the northern side of Regent’s Park in London.  The built up part of Primrose Hill comprises mainly Victorian terraces. This is a perfect park for running, romantically strolling and enjoying the fabulous views.  

           Hidden gems in London




The Anchor 

  • You will find a marvellous pub called the anchor near London Bridge. 

    It differs from other pubs because it has a big terrace with a bar outside next to the River Thames. Inside, you have different floors decorated like a typical English pub. 

          Hidden gems in London


Tattershall Castle 

  • This pub is also a boat in Embankment which has a restaurant and disco downstairs. Enjoy the breath-taking views whilst you sit on the deck sipping a nice pint of ale surrounded by two of London’s famous landmarks: The Eye + Big Ben. 

          Hidden gems in London Enbuy Clash Of Heroes1089 Comprar Caballero De La Muerte De Necropolis Coh 3307212814577.html


The Sail Loft 

  • This Greenwich pub takes its name from the rooms where boat sails are laid out at full length to be shaped and cut. This place has wonderful views of the whole Thames.  

       Hidden gems in London




Dinner at the Twits (Waterloo) 

  • This is a show where you are invited to a dinner with the hosts Mrs and Mr Twit. Tuck into some of the delicious dishes from Bompas & Parr and creative wranglers at Creature of London. Don’t forget to receive a welcoming cocktail and taste different and swanky drinks and food.  

          Hidden gems in London


Secret Cinema London 

  • It has taken the world of immersive experiences to the next level. A large-scale production in some of the most beautiful spaces worldwide, is a 360-degree participatory world where the boundaries between performer and audience, set and reality are constantly shifting. 

          Hidden gems in London


Faulty Towers the Dining Experience (Trafalgar Square) 

  • This spot represents the TV series Faulty Towers, acclimated like the authentic hotel where you are the guest and they are the hosts.

          Hidden gems in London


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