Getting to know our students from What's Up! Terrassa | Interview with Joan and Carolina | What's Up!

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Getting to know our students from What’s up! Terrassa | Interview with Joan and Carolina

Joan Gragea and Carolina Minayo are two students from What’s Up Terrassa. Not only were they among the first students to sign up for the course back when the academy opened in September 2015, but they’ve also been able to finish their courses on time, impressing us with their enthusiasm and dedication! Given the special occasion, we’ve had a chat with them and they’ve told us some secrets and a couple of useful tips!


Why exactly did you decide to join our academy? What motivated you to start learning English? 

  • Carolina: I am a nursery teacher and when I started working years ago, speaking other languages was not necessary. Nowadays, I’m looking for a job and I find it is essential to speak at least English. I decided to sign up at  What’s Up! because they offer a wide schedule of varied classes!
  • Joan: I studied an Education Master and all the teachers that I had told me that the study of a foreign language is very important. I visited a lot of English academies but the problem was their schedule. My timetable was very complicated at my job and I couldn´t attend most classes. But one day, I was walking with my girlfriend and a girl gave us a What’s Up! flyer … and now I’m here!


You’ve both been able to finish the academic year on time, attending classes every week and keeping up with your homework. That’s amazing! What are your secrets? 

  • Carolina: You have to fix a goal and be constant. I have felt very much supported by all the teachers and the classes are dynamic, fun… which helps.
  • Joan: I haven’t got any secrets. I think the secret is to plan your week correctly and work step by step on what the teachers have taught you during the class.


You’ve been studying here for a year now, so you’ve had plenty of time to become acquainted with our method. What are the main changes you’ve experienced throughout the year? 

  • Carolina: After trying to learn English other times, now I think that it is also possible to learn as an adult. I have learned a lot of daily vocabulary and it is easier to understand native teachers.
  • Joan: I think one of the secrets is the wide variety of classes and teachers. When I was young, I studied in other academies but the teachers were all the same for the course. Here it is different… You have all kinds of teachers, a variety of Have Fun classes and activities to do. Every class at What´s Up academy is always different.

You’re staying with us for another year, do you have any short-term or long-term goals regarding your English? 

  • Carolina: My objective is to continue learning everything I can.
  • Joan: For instance, I would like to do the First Certificate exam, but it´s difficult because recently, I have changed job and I need to have all my five senses on red alert. This next course, I will continue studying regularly and doing all my activities as always.

If you had to counsel other students and motivate them to study and persevere, what would you tell them? What’s the key to success? 

  • Carolina: For me, it has been important to have a reason to learn English. In my case, it is for working, but it can be for other reasons.
  • Joan: I’m not used to giving advice. If a student wants to study English without a traditional method, a wide variety of classes and teachers, then, without a doubt What’s Up! is the place to go. You’ll learn English and the time will fly… Believe me!


Thank you very much for your contributions, Joan and Carolina. We hope you have a wonderful year with us!


Getting to know our students from What's Up! Terrassa

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