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Diálogos en inglés: tres ejemplos del ámbito profesional

En este blog hablamos bastante del mundo profesional y te damos consejos para mejorar tu inglés en este ámbito. Por eso hoy traemos tres ejemplos de diálogos para que puedas ver cómo se aplican los consejos que te damos.


Guía descargable: Aprende a afrontar un proceso de selección en inglés


La entrevista de trabajo

Roberto: Good morning

Interviewer: Good afternoon, Roberto. My name is James Bauld, I am the HR manager. Please, take a seat.

Roberto: Thank you

Interviewer: Ok, before I ask you anything, tell me about yourself

Roberto: Ok. I am Spanish and I arrived in London last month. I am a graphic designer and I decided to come here to find a job.

Interviewer: And why did you come here, Roberto?

Roberto:  Well, ahm, after finishing University I took an internship in a well known advertising company. We had a lot of clients here in the UK, so I thought my work would be appreciated here.

Interviewer: And why did you leave your last job?

Roberto: I was in an intern position. After a year, I had too much experience to be an intern, but there wasn’t any senior position available.

Interviewer: Well…good for me, I guess, your portfolio is really good. Why did you contact our company?

Roberto: I found out about your company in the newspaper, I read an article about your social responsibility policy and it really impressed me. I share the values of your company, so although I didn’t find any job offer, I thought I should give it a try.

¿Sabrías desenvolverte así de bien? ¡Echa un vistazo a nuestros consejos!

La presentación del proyecto

Roberto: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Roberto Álvarez and I am the junior graphic designer in charge of your project. Before we start I’d like to thank you for trusting us to design your company’s new website.

First, I will talk about the options we considered and why we decided to develop this one, second, I will show you the sketches and we will discuss them. Finally, I will explain how your new image should be implemented in different areas. Please, feel free to interrupt me at any time with any questions you might have. 

Roberto: …and I think it is really convenient to contact your clients and inform them about the new website and how it works. dexigames.1blogs.es

Mr. Jones: Excuse me, Mr. Álvarez, do you mean that we have to provide training to our clients so that they can use the new system? It sounds complicated…

Roberto: Well, no training is necessary, but people tend to get a bit lost when websites change. Sending an email explaining all the new features and preparing a tutorial is inexpensive, but effective.

¿Tienes que hacer una presentación en inglés? Mira cómo debes prepararla aquí.

La negociación

Roberto: Good morning Mr. Jones, I’m happy to see you again.

Mr. Jones: Thank you Mr. Álvarez, I did like the ideas you proposed on your presentation and I’d like to discuss the quote you sent us.

Roberto: That is great news. Please, take a seat.

Mr Jones: Thank you. I have been going through the quote and there are a couple of things I need you to clarify. First of all, I’d like to know if your prices include VAT.

Roberto: No, we never include the VAT until we send the definitive invoice, I’m sorry about that.

M Jones: It’s ok, that’s what I expected, but is is not clear in the quote. It means that the final price will be slightly higher than we expected. I’m ready to sign the quote today if you can get me a discount.

Roberto: Well, given that it is quite a big project, I guess we could try… but it doesn’t depend on me…

Let’s do something, I will go and talk to the department manager. It won’t take long.

Mr. Jones: I understand that, I’ll wait here.

Roberto: I have good news, Mr. Jones I have achieved a 5% discount for you if you sign today. Actually, it can be a 10% if you agree to pay in advance.

Mr. Jones: Mmm…that sounds reasonable.

¡Una dura negociación!, ¿podrías sacarla adelante?


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