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Cava Tasting at What’s up! Terrassa


December 15th was a sparkling Tuesday at What’s up! TerrassaWhat a unique evening we have had in the capable hands of Guillermo Prado from HeyVino!

At 7 pm we set the tables and glasses for students, meanwhile the cava was resting in a bucket of ice achieve to the ideal temperature for tasting.

                            Cava Tasting at What's Up! Terrassa

At 8 pm we got together in the Social Club for the presentation, where Guillermo explained the cava making process, the different stages of the grape from the harvest to the bottle. We have learnt some pretty specific vocabulary and how to use our sight, smell and taste to appreciate a good sparkling wine. Thanks Guillermo for explaining this to us with such patience and passion! But most importantly Guillermo taught us how to open a bottle as a pro would, a very handy piece of advice to put into practice this Christmas!    How to repair nails after acrylics – full guide

                            Cava Tasting at What's Up! Terrassa

All doubts aside and questions answered, Guillermo selected 2 pink sparkling wines to sample. The first one was a young pale cava with tiny bubbles, ideal to taste it with a seabass or shellfish. The second cava could be paired with a mushroom risotto or even a cheesecake.

                            Cava Tasting at What's Up! Terrassa

The highlight of the evening was learning that cava can be the perfect accompaniment to any food, such as a serrano jam. In order to do use, one must try many different ones. We finished around 10 pm, giving Guillermo a big applause and a standing ovation for presenting us with an especially bubbly Tuesday night!

Terrassa What’s Up Team. 

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