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8 phrasal verbs con give con ejemplos

Si has estudiado inglés en el colegio, seguro que los phrasal verbs te suenan. Estos verbos con partícula son imprescindibles para dominar el inglés del día a día, pero también son uno de los aspectos que más se nos resisten a los hispanohablantes. La solución: don’t panic and practice!

Si quieres ir integrando los phrasal verbs en tu inglés, uno de los mejores recursos es verlos en contexto. Por eso, hoy te dejamos 8 phrasal verbs con give y varios ejemplos de cómo usar cada uno.

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1. Give away

Significado: donar, dar algo sin esperar nada a cambio.


  • I gave away all my kid’s clothes to charity since I had no use for them anymore.
  • Madrid’s City Council will give away hundreds of meals to feed the homeless this Christmas.
  • I won’t give away any of my books –they take up a lot of space, but I’m very attached to them.

Este misma phrasal verb «give away» tiene otros significados: puede significar desvelar un secreto o arruinar un plan sin querer. Ejemplos:

  • The birthday party was supposed to be a surprise for Mary, but her sister gave it away.
  • I promise I won’t give away your secret!

Y también se utiliza cuando una persona delata a otra persona. Ejemplo:

  • The murderer was given away to the police by his own wife.

2. Give back

Significado: devolver algo que te habían prestado o, en un sentido amplio, hacer bien a la comunidad.

  • She gave him back the money he had lent her.
  • Marco hasn’t given me back my favourite jacket –I’m so annoyed!
  • Volunteer work is a good opportunity to give back.


3. Give in

Significado: ceder.


  • If you keep insisting, I’m sure your father will eventually give in and do what you want him to.
  • I was on a diet, but I gave in last Saturday –the pizza just looked so delicious!

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4. Give off

Significado: emitir.


  • For some reason, I don’t trust him – I think he gives off bad vibes.
  • Roses give off a great smell. I love to have them in my house!
  • You should keep an eye on your van –it gives off way too many fumes.


5. Give out

Significado: distribuir, repartir.


  • I used to work giving out flyers to passers-by. It was the most boring job ever!
  • If you take an official English exam, they will give out the results a month after.
  • I got this perfume sample at the mall: they were giving them out for free.


6. Give over to

Significado: dedicarse a algo.


  • After the breakup, I gave myself over to my music –it was so healing for me!
  • For ten years straight, I gave myself over to my career. Then, I reconsidered my priorities.


7. Give up

Significado: rendirse, dejar un hábito perjudicial.


  • It took me six years of trying on and off, but I finally managed to give up smoking for good.
  • She can be a difficult kid sometimes, but don’t give up on her just yet –she has a lot to offer.
  • Since my father was told he had diabetes, I have given up sugar.


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